Greetings Scouts, Friends, Families, and Special Guests,

On behalf of our Team at Liên Đoàn Phù Đổng, we welcome you to our Opening Day of the Phu Dong Organization.  Liên Đoàn Phù Đổng is established to meet the needs of the Vietnamese communities here in the South Bay. Specifically, we want to spread the Scouting values among the Vietnamese youths. We established this organization based on the important Scouts values.  In addition to the Scouts’ core values, we strongly believe in Open Communications __.  Open Communications means we encourage open discussions between Leaders, Parents, and Scouts.  We also believe in TEAMWORK – without teamwork we will not be able to learn and accomplish many of the things we want to do, and last but not least FUN - Without fun activities; it would be difficult for all of us especially our children to come here week after week, year after year.  Scouting commitment is long lasting but valuable. We see this as a marathon and not a sprint race. We want to equipment our youths with the necessary skills/tools so they can be good citizens, contributing to the betterment of our society, and be successful in life.  The skills they learn are the tools in their backpacks to allow them to be successful in everything they do.  They will be prepared to respond to any challenges whether it is at home, in school or out with friends.  With these valuable attributes, they will be strong communicator, and confident leaders.   They will be confident, believing in themselves as they travel on the long journey of life doing the “Scout’s” way.  Parents, Friends and Special Guests - The scouts standing in front of us are the future of this country let’s prepare them with the right tools so they can be successful on their journey.  We ask for all of your support and guidance.  We will make mistakes no doubt, but errors/mistakes are the best teachers one can have – as long as we learn from these mistakes.

Thanks for your support and your guidance.

The Team from Liên Đoàn Phù Đổng

Opening Day Speech

Nov 12, 2006